Letter - Picking up dangers

I REFER to the dangerous ‘picking up’ of customers at the rear of the Morrisons supermarket within the Ridings.

I am astounded that the manoeuvre is apparently endorsed by the authorities and the supermarket. Not only would I question its legitimacy, but its sensibility in respect of road safety.

How many times have I exited the Ridings Car Park, via the only exit (Almshouse Lane) only to find that my view into George Street is blocked because vehicles are parked on the double yellow lines adjacent to the junction?

Indeed, on one occasion as I awaited a right turn into George Street, a vehicle set off from the ‘pick-up’, turned left into Almshouse Lane, looped around the rear of my vehicle, and with a swift move turned right immediately! I, along with other road users, was dumbfounded!

Of course, this manoeuvre also causes confusion to those wishing to make a left turn into Almshouse Lane to enter the car park, only to be confronted by vehicle(s) with their left indicator on simply parked unlawfully at the rear entrance to the supermarket.

I have copied this epistle to Morrisons (in true democratic style) to give them chance to observe/comment.

Barbara Holden

Ledgard Drive