Letter - Pinderfields Hospital...no better hands to be in

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After the recent press reports on the demise of Pinderfields Hospital over recent weeks, I felt I had to air my recent experience at the hospital.

I have had many stays at both the old and new hospitals and have always found them to be pleasant in the way of compassion and care from staff.

We all know the NHS is going the a bad time and perhaps more so with the massive debts at Pinderfields. This has been due to many factors, not least our ageing population, the influx of immigrants and in my view the top-heavy management staff. A case of more chiefs than indians.

Very recently, I had the unfortunate experience of being rushed by ambulance and admitted for treatment.

I must say I could not have been in better hands, from the initial 999 phone call to the arrival of the ambulance manned by two very efficient paramedics.

They stayed with me until I was handed over to A&E, where due to a shortage of beds I spent some time on a trolley bed, which frankly I did not find the horrific experience some folk do.

I was seen to very quickly in spite of the section being very busy by polite and caring staff.

On arrival at a spotless ward, I was then sent for an x-ray and the following day I had a CT scan and explained the treatment I required.

The nurses especially seemed to be on rollerskates carrying out their duties.

In fact from consultants to doctors, nurses, down to cleaners and the staff that dished out the excellent choice of food considering the low budget they have to work on, everyone was great.

I would not be worried if I should have to go back for further treatment.

So now let us all pull together and support our Pinderfields Hospital, and hope that it gets back on track with the esteem it deserves as quickly as possible and be the place Wakefield can be proud of. Let’s have less negativity and more positive thoughts.

Good luck to all who need its talents.

Roy Hill

Northgate, Horbury