LETTER - Planners gone mad

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I RECENTLY returned to Wakefield for a visit after emigrating a number of years ago. After visiting the town centre last week I wondered whether the town planners had gone mad.

They have built an expensive new shopping centre, which seems to has achieved nothing apart from moving most of the shops out of the Ridings Centre and into Trinity Walk. The Ridings now looks like a depressing ghost town. I suspect it won’t be financially viable for very long become yet another derelict site like the old Sainsbury’s store.

Not only that, but the designers of Trinity Walk must have thought that there is no wind in Wakefield. There is a roof with large gaps at the sides. This meant I got wet when walking though the other day because the rain was thoughtless enough not to fall in a vertical line.

I hate to think what it will be like in winter. At least the Ridings was warm.

It looks like another expensive folly to add to the council’s list, along with that pseudo prison parading as an art gallery. You’d have thought in these austere times they would have better things to spend ratepayers’ money on, and yes I am still a Wakefield ratepayer.

Graham Ridler

Discovery Bay

Hong Kong