Letter - Planning explained

WITH reference to last week’s Express letter from Dr David Foster referring to plans for land off Ruskin Avenue headed ‘Confused over plans’.

This second application was received on the 14 October 2011. Its receipt was advertised by way of press and site notice and the period for comments ended on the 18 November.

However further supporting information and minor amendments to the layout plan were received during the consultation period. As we did not want to assume that local residents would have noted the receipt of these additional documents during the consultation period it was decided to re-advertise the application to alert interested parties to the receipt of further information.

As the information received is supporting information/ minor amendments relating to the recent October application it was felt that a 14-day period of consultation was appropriate (the period for consultation on amendments is discretionary).

The information accompanying the application is presently being considered by the council and at the end of this period the application will be reported to Members of the Planning and Highways Committee for determination. The earliest this could occur would be on the 15th December 2011.

Ian Thomson

Service Director,

Planning, Transportation and Highways Wakefield Council