Letter - Police ignore car owners

COULD chief constable Sir Norman Bettison find the culprit(s) that have been vandalising my two-year-old car on four occasions as Normanton police do not appear to be able to do so?

The lack of service and consideration for what I am going through has never been taken seriously by this force.

My car had been vandalised on three occasions with deep scratch marks over three panels twice within one week in November and I had only had my car back 13 days from being repaired when I found another deep scratch 20” across my car door.

I reported this immediately at 10am on December 14 and was advised by the police call centre that they were treating this as urgent as they believed I was being targeted and someone would contact me soon.

Three days later I am still waiting for an officer to contact me.

If this is how West Yorkshire Police treat a serious matter God help us.

I telephoned the police to ask what was happening and was advised the crime had been allocated to a PC but this officer (would you believe it) was in court on the 14th and 15th and would not be back at Normanton until later afternoon on December 16.

How can this PC deal with a serious matter if in court?

This is not the first time that Normanton police have not dealt with an urgent matter as in November when a double crime had been committed on my vehicle it took three days and many telephone calls from me before I had a PCSO turn up.

We car owners are all too aware the police are not interested in car crime as it is not “exciting” enough for them, and would mean doing some “proper” police work.

I am 62 and remember when police officers would not rest until they found the perpetrator but not today, and since the police authority took police off our streets in the 1980s then they have given free rein to all villains as they know only too well nothing will be done to catch them but we taxpayers pay the price on every occasion.

I will be contacting my MP and PM David Cameron as I believe we car owners are not being given proper “duty of care” by the police relating to car crime.

Mrs S Garnham

Garforth Drive