Letter - Positive on turbines

As far as the No Coxley wind turbines campaign is concerned, I feel that it has detracted from, what is a real opportunity for those in the parish to make a difference to their community.

With a view to helping the community, Origin Energy were commissioned to carry out a feasibility study on how the Parish of Sitlington could generate enough electricity to offset that used by its parishioners.

The findings of the study clearly showed the most cost effective way to do this would be the installation of wind turbines, however, at no time have there been any proposals, or plans, to construct these wind turbines.

The presentations that Origin Energy had arranged at Middlestown and Netherton were simply to show how the parish could benefit from the creation of an Industrial and Provident Society (IPS) or a Community Renewable Energy Enterprise (CREE). Indeed at both presentations an offer was made for every household to become a shareholder.

Unfortunately, due to the majority of attendees mistakenly thinking Origin Energy were purely there to promote wind turbines, this offer appears to have been rejected by some members of the community.

Hopefully, after the phase two feasibility study is completed and presented to the parish council, we will have the opportunity to discuss the offer once more.

To put things into perspective, if a renewable energy scheme could be developed, up to 200 parishioners per year, could benefit by having new, more energy efficient boilers, installed free of charge. Alternatively, up to 80 homes per year, could have domestic solar panels installed. In addition to this, a small number of jobs, and apprenticeships, could be created.

In an age where people have become materialistic and the gap between rich and poor grows, I believe that it is time for all of us to accept social responsibility.

Each and every one of us must be prepared to engage in constructive debate and make choices that will provide greater benefit to the community in the longer term.

Gavin Elden

Oakland Drive, Netherton