Letter - Preserve the history of Clayton Hospital

Regarding the closure of Clayton Hospital, as a former nurse and collector of nursing memorabilia, I would like to ask Brian Dudding, head of estates, what is going to happen to several things which are of historical importance to the history of Wakefield, eg the portrait of Thomas Clayton, the stained glass windows, the plaques remembering people who gave money to buy beds and cots and the railway diorama.

Having worked at several hospitals in Wakefield which are no longer standing, I feel it would be a shame if these things disappeared into the back of a skip.

Janet Miller

Potovens Lane

Lofthouse Gate

l Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust issued the following statement from head of estates Brian Dudding: “I absolutely recognise the importance of preserving historical artefacts from Clayton Hospital and we are looking at how we can best ensure this. We would be more than happy to speak with the author of this letter as part of this.”