Letter - Price hike means a car return

I REFER to the recent hikes in train fares.

Until recently my wife and I used to make the journey by train to Huddersfield ‘to shop’.

We used to drive to Kirkgate Station and park in the Brunswick Street Car Park (£2.50 all day) – I know parking at the station is free – just try getting a spot after 9.30am!

Total cost (including mileage), just over £8 (I have a Senior Metro Card).

Now, though, the train fare has gone up from £3.80 to £4.20 (over 10%) for my wife, but for me, from £1 to £2.10! Total cost is now just under £10. So our train-based journey has gone up from round about £8.50 to about £10.

To do the whole journey by car, the total cost including ‘mileage’ and five hours parking, is about £8.

Crazy, or what? Not so long back, we turned to the train because it was ‘cheaper by rail’ Ho! Ho!

Bryan Holden

Ledgard Drive