Letter - Public and cyclists too quick to blame the motorist

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I WRITE in response to the letter from Brian Else published in the Express, August 31.

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr Else’s comments but would go further by asking how many people realise that, in addition to motorists, there are sections of the Highway Code dealing with pedestrians, wheelchairs and mobility scooters, cyclists and motorcyclists?

It seems the public are too ready to blame the motorist when something goes wrong instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, in particular the number of pedestrians on a road with no pavement walking with their backs to oncoming traffic rather than facing it and the number of parents who fit the child seat directly behind the drivers seat and so often open the door to remove their child directly into the road?

Finally, with regard to cycling on the pavement, all cyclists, including some members of the police, should familiarise themselves with the following section of the Highway Code, it is not a recommendation, it is the law.

64 - You MUST NOT cycle on a pavement. (Laws HA 1835 sect 72 & R(S)A 1984, sect 129)

Fiona Stocks

Lindale Garth