Letter - Public slap not needed

IN response to Coun Box CBE expressing publicly through the Wakefield Express ‘Letters’ (May 25) his candid opinion of my character, my intellectual ability (or better make that inability!), my self-opinionated and blinkered vision on certain matters and my assumed political affiliation, I can understand why so few people are prepared to openly express their opinions regarding WMDC through the media if those opinions don’t sit comfortably with the leader.

To publicly verbally attack or criticise a system is one thing, Mr Box, but to personally and publicly slap down an individual in such a derogatory manner is a different matter altogether.

I really thought you were a man above such practice but, alas, you’ve proved me wrong. And no, Mr Box, I didn’t mention the coalition’s cut-backs because we’re stuck with them like it or not – but I’m sure I’m not alone in remembering many of those whose actions, or lack of, over the years have led us into much of this financial ‘have now – pay later’ mess...and I’m not just referring to politicians. Incidentally, whatever happened to Prudence?

James Morris

Drury Lane