LETTER - Reaping what was sown

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I CAN’T help but comment on the recent riots. I’ve heard lots of different opinions on the reasons why the youth of today would participate in such mindless violence and destroy their own communities.

We know the flashpoint was a shooting of a man in London by the police and there was a confusion among the local community as to whether the man was shot lawfully, and the inability of the police to clarify this matter created frustration that grew into street protest.

I’ve no doubt that there were genuine concerns and the anger by some led to wanton damage and then escalated into sheer madness and looting, which of course spread throughout the country, but you have to have underlying tensions to get thousands of youths to behave in this manner, you just can’t organise a riot and everyone will attend.

It’s obvious the rioters just wanted an excuse to get some stuff, at the cost of others, there’s no question of that, but the level of the violence that occurred is not going to be explained away by politicians by questioning the morals of society and pointing the finger at parenting and the return to old-fashioned values.

We must look at what the politicians have done to the family unit in the past, right back to the 60s when the man of the house worked, the women kept the household, we had Sunday as a day of rest and the man was expected to earn enough to keep the family.

Now both have to work long hours to make ends meet, and things are getting harder, and the kids in some cases have to fend for themselves and just look at the role models they have to aspire too, who thrive on greed and materialism.

We’ve seen our politicians sent to jail for fraud, the bankers loot our pensions and savings, and every other week a policeman is getting the sack for one thing or another, while everyday normal folk are being priced out of and disfranchised from everyday parts of society, in turn creating the new underclass.

The past governments are now reaping what they’ve sewn, and now will no doubt introduce more new draconian laws to restrict our freedoms to demonstrate or express ourselves, and at the same time keep fueling the causes of the problems in the first place, but you can’t expect anything else when there’s no real democracy and we are ruled by people who have their own agendas and won’t listen.

Pete McGowan

Windross Close