Letter - Refreshed at lighting

How refreshing to read Ian Stevenson’s letter (January 6) ‘Leave the lights off’. At last some fresh thinking with some common sense and reason.

If you look at a nocturnal satellite picture of the UK you realise how much lighting we have. How much of this, though, is really necessary?

A lot of lighting is just about habit. There are schools and clinics in this area which are ridiculously over-lit with flood and ‘security’ lights. The idea seems to be that it deters intruders. More likely, it attracts them. One left light on in a home is far more effective at deterring burglary than any number of outside ‘security lights’.

A lot of this street-lighting is indeed an enormous waste of money and energy. The band British Sea Power had it right in their song ‘Lights Out for Darker Skies’.

John Roberts

St John’s Court