Letter - Respect fo electorate

I MUST admit the letter in last week’s Express from Mr Milburn made me smile – but I’m surprised he didn’t blame the council for the Great Fire of London, Shergar’s kidnap and England’s poor showing in the last World Cup!

And the poor old Audit Commission also gets criticised because it doesn’t agree with Mr Milburn’s so-called facts.

By the way, in its annual letter, the Commission stated that the council had “a good track record of living within our means and delivering services that relative to other councils are good quality and low cost.”

To be fair to Mr Milburn he did make it clear in his first letter his dislike for the Labour Party so I’m sure I’ll not convince him that he’s wrong.

However in May the electorate will have had chance to decide if we’ve done enough to retain their support.

As always I respect their judgement.

Coun Peter Box CBE


Wakefield MDC