Letter - Respect for the rookies

On February 18 Netherton Chess team travelled to Beverley to contest a Yorkshire Chess Association League Division 2 match against Hull & District Chess Association.

I spoke to team captain, John Newsome, on the day before the fixture and knew that he was struggling to find eight players because several of his regulars were either abroad or playing chess elsewhere.

He eventually managed to field a full team, including two teenagers, and for this I am very grateful.

It avoided me having to telephone my team members at short notice to inform them that they would not have a game.

John’s efforts meant that all of his players were up against far stronger opponents and Netherton eventually went down to an 8 - 0 defeat.

Nevertheless, the score does not always tell the full story.

Netherton Chess Team gained a huge amount of respect from the Hull & District players for making the long journey to East Yorkshire in the knowledge that the odds were stacked against them.

John and I agree that it is better to fulfil a fixture, albeit with a weakened team, rather than concede it by default.

If your newspaper has an award for sportsmanship this month, look no further than Netherton Chess Club.

David G Mills

Match Captain

Hull & District Chess