letter - Retain some at the rear

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THE pews at Wakefield Cathedral are an integral and unsurpassed part of the character of the building, just like the stained glass and the reredos (also installed at a later date).

The pews are from a time when the cathedral was thriving due to the Oxford and evangelical movements in the Church of England.

What is to stop the cathedral at least retaining a few of the pews, say, those at the rear, leaving a space nearer the front for ‘flexible’ seating.

The oak pews are not some Victorian appendage as we are being led to believe.

As they were designed by George Gilbert Scott, famous for St Pancras railway station and the Albert memorial in London, they are of immense value.

In 50 years time there will be so little left of the original character of the cathedral it will be perfect for conversion to flats or a restaurant.

At the end of the day, they will do what they like.

John Roberts

St John’s Court

St John’s