Letter - Road a priority for resurfacing work

In response to the letter in last week’s Wakefield Express.

I would like to point out that Dewsbury Road in Ossett was identified as a priority in Wakefield’s highway maintenance programme and was being resurfaced between Dale Street and Milner Way on the date the letter from Mr Austerfield was published.

In addition, within the last month alone, over £500,000 has been spent on the district’s road network and in the next four years Wakefield will be investing over £16 million pounds to ensure our roads and footways are the best they can be.

However, nationally highway maintenance is significantly underfunded but despite this the Wakefield district’s roads are inspected on a regular basis and teams are deployed to respond to all necessary highway safety defects.

Finally, road tax is a central government levy on the nation’s motorists and does not directly fund highway maintenance.

Graham West

Highway Network Manager

Wakefield Council