Letter - Road safety measures

I would like to praise the work that has been put into the road safety at Newmillerdam and Chevet Lane.

The residents of Pledwick would now like to see something done about the stretch from Standbridge Lane to Newmillerdam.

One very small sign says that the speed limit has changed, but there are no other signs and what we get is speeding traffic behind us flashing their lights and overtaking because we are doing 30mph. There is also a high risk to children here as pupils cross the road to the bus stop, even though Kettlethorpe School has erected fencing to stop this.

Added to this, parents are stopping on Barnsley Road to drop children off in the morning so they can cut through.

After discussions with our councillor and residents of Pledwick we feel that it would be a deterrent if the mobile speed camera van parked on the grass at the bottom of Pledwick Lane.

Perhaps also a sign or two stating it is a 30mph zone.

We feel that due to the amount of current traffic and speeding it is only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

J Finney

Heron Drive