Letter - Road users suffering

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A quick appraisal of your article on the North Wakefield Gateway leads me to the following conclusions.

Once the Council gets a bee in its bonnet, nothing will stop it and if schemes like this preserve jobs they go ahead regardless of cost and disruption.

Whether the public want it is irrelevant.

No account has been taken of the early morning congestion when children arrive at the high schools on Wentworth Street and Northgate.

Parents, having dropped off their children on Wentworth Street, instead of being able to go down Bond Street and turn left along Rishworth Street will have to turn down Wentworth Terrace and turn right down Northgate into all the congestion there.

And just how will they exit into Northgate unless new traffic lights are provided? Are there not enough traffic lights on Marsh Way?

Many parents use Marsh Way to get to Wentworth Street. Since they will not be able to use Bond Street, and since Wentworth Terrace becomes one-way, how are they to reach the school?

They have no choice but to use Laburnum Road competing with police vehicles and parked cars, the road becoming narrow at its top end.

The new scheme has clearly been well thought out - like so many of the mad ideas for regeneration.

Only time will tell if the plan works or needs changing. In the meantime road-users suffer.

DS Charlesworth

Wingate Croft