Letter - Same old, same old

WELL, the local election results are in and it’s the ‘same old same old’ which is not surprising considering that out of 257,530 people in the Wakefield district who are eligible to vote, only 73,180 bothered to do so (although an additional 367 did vote in the mayoral referendum).

It would be interesting to know the reasons why 184,350 people didn’t cast their vote, but I doubt if the results would be of any interest to our ‘elected’ members as they know Wakefield is Labour ‘safe’. So why should they be bothered about why so many failed to vote and the concerns and opinions of the 30,182 who voted but NOT for a Labour Party candidate?

When it comes to number crunching, the elected Labour councillors are there on the strength of a pro-vote total of 42,998 which is just 16.7 per cent of the total number of votes available in the Wakefield district.

Hardly a ‘resounding’ endorsement of faith, confidence and interest in our local government. Maybe it’s time we had a referendum on ‘compulsory voting’?

But with the apathy shown by so many in Wakefield about what affects them, very few would bother to vote!

Apart from someone shoving the Labour candidate’s leaflet through my letterbox, the only person I saw actively out on the street was a UKIP candidate who was at least making the effort to connect with the electorate.

I wasn’t in the least surprised that neither of the two non-Labour candidates in this ward got elected as I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told ‘If you stuck a red rosette on a donkey people around here would vote for it’ – so it’s Labour again for us (although not a donkey) ‘Same old same old’!

James Morris

Drury Lane