Letter - Sex too good for youth

TO be blunt sex is too good for young people! But since this particular genie/djinn (a djinn is the opposite of a genie) is out of the bottle we have to do the best we can.

I disagree with the ‘Let’s be responsible about sex’ movement. So much pressure to ‘have sex’ is put upon young folk, particularly males, that any responsibility goes out of the question as soon as an opportunity arises.

First we need to obtain funds. Easy we increase tax on all the clothing sold to make one look sexy. And also on all advertising that uses sex to sell products. Both industries will moan to excess; shame we can’t tax their whining too!

Then to use the money wisely. Ensure every young woman has a long term contraceptive implant from 12 years old and renew as required until they’re 18 and can take responsibility for their own fertility control.

Organise research to develop vaccines for all the STDs. Found laboratories to quality control all vaccines in use. Make it a criminal offence to sell harmful vaccines; UK pharmaceutical industry is reputedly very poor on quality control. Institute regular health checks, annually at worst, six-monthly if affordable. At which STD specialists have full authority to nag about using protection.

By such means we should at least cut the number of children having or fathering children. And, hopefully, keep STDs in check. Full prevention/cure has to await vaccines and treatments that kill the infections/viruses. And if that old fool in Rome tries to interfere we should embargo his ‘Peter’s pence!’

Bill Houlder

Queens Avenue