LETTER: Shock that Laurie Harrison lost South Kirkby seat on Wakefield Council

Noticing that in the local election held last week, the ‘Father of Council’, Laurie Harrison, had been beaten in South Kirkby came as a very real shock.

Laurie has worked so hard, ever since local government was reorganised in 1973, and the council chamber will be poorer for his absence.

A particularly sad aspect of his defeat is that it means he will not become mayor of the city for a second time.

Ironically, ten years ago my brother Brian was robbed of the mayorality, while 20 years ago, John Newsome of Netherton missed taking office.

Perhaps there is a cyclic jinx every decade for those aspiring to civic office, so watch out when 2024 arrives!

One fact, without question, all three of these fine men would have proved excellent city leaders.

Norman J Hazell MBE

Woolgreaves Drive