Letter - Snobbish liberalism

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THERE is an old saying (well, maybe not so old) that there is no-one more intolerant than a certain type of liberal.

We like to think we live in a free and easy society, but here is another example of the narrow-mindedness and judgmental attitudes we see so often, where everyone and everything has to be put in the appropriate box. There is also an underlying snobbishness here, although it is disguised as “black humour” (we’ve heard that one before Nichi).

Time was when The Guardian represented the best of English civic attitudes: open-mindedness, fair and willing to make a stand for the underdog. Not any more. The Guardian represents, today, a certain mindset epitomised by Nichi Hodgson. I remember people dashing into my workplace with The Guardian under their arm; a pose like saying “aren’t I clever? I went to university. I read The Guardian.” Well, some of us see through that.

Nichi Hodgson’s blog is typical of the metropolitan self-styled elite chattering classes which makes snide and sneering (as Mary Creagh MP wrote) comments on regional differences.

I observe that Nichi tries to wriggle out by saying that she “never criticises local people” - well, actually, by inference, she does. Her blog makes a cheap attack on our city.

Wakefield has a great deal going for it - it is a “gem of a town” (again, as Mary Creagh wrote), still retaining a sense of community, fascinating historical corners, excellent (and not over-priced) restaurants and pubs, a superb theatre and art gallery.

Of course it has its problems, but it hardly befits the description of “wilting” and “stagnant”, especially when you look at the current regeneration efforts being made.

Now that you’ve had to backtrack Nichi, I urge you to return to your Guardianista mates in London. As for the rest of us here ‘up North’, I urge us to avoid egregious and snide blogs which emanate from these tunnel-visioned people (for all their education and media- savviness).

John Roberts,

St John’s Court