Letter - Snow, grit and parking meters

Further to Colin Longley’s letter in last week’s paper regarding the lack of gritting on Pinders Heath, I would like to say I am in total agreement with Mr Longley.

Though we are always told the main routes are clear the actual driving to the main road is indeed a perilous act and only undertaken by the very brave, especially when the joining road is Aberford Road which is one of the busiest roads into Wakefield.

Even taxi drivers with substantial driving experience complain about the state of the roads on the estate during icy weather. Though there had been some near misses and minor collisions, will it take a serious accident to make the council listen?

Surely it would not be too much of an inconvenience for the council to grit around the main route on the estate; though I imagine their argument would be every estate faces the same issue.

If we are lucky the estate does get gritted prior to the bins being emptied; though last time this was undertaken I think the grit spreader had malfunctioned as many residents complained they hadn’t noticed any real difference.

However, not only do we have to deal with appalling icy roads but also with the roads being blocked by staff and visitors attending Pinderfields Hospital who use the estate as a free car park, hence we were all informed that the car crime on the estate had increased!

Then there are those who park up eat their fast food meal then toss the rubbish out of the window, can I just say to them this is our home not a car park or rubbish tip.

Maybe the council should install parking meters on the estate and use the revenue to pay for the grit to keep us all safe or maybe they could provide the parking permits we were promised but have never received?

Ann Coulson

Haldane Crescent

Pinders Heath