Letter - Something doesn’t add up over housing

Wakefield Council keeps telling us that new housing is “desperately needed”.

Really? Something is not adding up here, because there are literally hundreds of unsold houses and flats on the market in the Wakefield area.

They aren’t all four bedroom detached in Sandal either, there are plenty of unsold terraces on the market. Wherever you go in the Wakefield area, you can see “For Sale” or “To Let” signs.

We are in the middle of a recession, the banks aren’t lending for mortgages, and hundreds of public sector workers around here are being made redundant.

So where are the buyers of all this new housing going to come from?

Given all this I would like to ask, of the thousands of new houses and flats on the way, how many are going to be “social” housing, and who is going to be living in them?

We have already seen London boroughs wanting to unload some of their poorest tenants onto places like Stoke and Peterborough. Is anything similar planned for Wakefield? Or are we building for the next three million people that will be imported into the country?

Please can we have some answers, because just trotting out the “desperately needed” line isn’t very convincing at all.

Nick Hill