Letter - Speeding drivers ‘would have been emergency sectioned’

I’M saddened to learn that Blacker Lane has become a road crash black spot.

I suggest that the problem is due to the barmy folk who seem to regard the maximum speed limit as their personal minimum speed!

Ironically, in less enlightened times, such folk would probably have found themselves shovelling coal or digging over the kitchen gardens in Stanley Royd ‘for their own protection!’ because they would have been ‘emergency’ sectioned.

Would these folk be the same ones who preach against speed restrictions and for legislating against ‘bad drivers?’

Yet who seem to be the very people they claim we should be keeping off the roads!

Going by their ‘results’ from an apparent inability to proceed at a safe speed or maintain a safety gap between theirs and the vehicle ahead.

Bill Houlder

Queens Avenue