Letter - Sports club argument is relevant to us

Further to your article about the proposed move of the Sports club from Sandal to Walton, and the president of the club’s comment that the “argument over Sandal and Walton is not really relevant”.

It is not relevant if you do not live in either locality. It is very relevant to Sandal residents who are on the verge of losing one of the last green spaces in the area.

It is relevant, as it is also associated with an increase in size of the local primary school – thus losing more green space. It is very relevant for the quality of air in the area due to the substantial increase in traffic that will arise from the growth of traffic from the new homes.

The housing development that will follow the clubs move will have a very relevant effect to people in Sandal. The quality of air, the increase in traffic, the further reduction of wildlife, and last but not least the further erosion of a community facility that encourages fitness and team sport is one that should be kept in Sandal, not moved to an area that already has two such facilities.

As ever this is an issue where the council are disregarding local opinion and community groups– and have been for many years, and putting council tax revenue, and capital income from the sale of development land above all else.

Ian Anderson

Helmsley Road