Letter - Standard facilities needed in our three hospitals

AS a regular user of the three main hospitals in the Wakefield area I noticed the subtle differences in their facilities.

For example, if you take your car to Dewsbury Hospital and have a blue badge, you can park anywhere for free, the same applies in Wakefield Pinderfields Hospital, however if you need to go to Pontefract hospital, there are only five disabled parking places ouside the main entrance and if they are full (which they usually are) you have to use their brand new car park which is run by a private contractor and everyone has to pay, (I did notice that blue badge holders used to have four hours free parking but this has facility has been removed) and you end up paying £1.30 per hour!

Also, if you need some cash, Dewsbury has its own ATM, Wakefield has a WHSmiths shop with a “cash back” facility if you buy from their shop, however Pontefract has no facility at all!

Surely there should be a “standard” for all three hospitals seeing as they are all run by the same management trust.

John Finch

Stannard Well Lane