Letter - Stop blaming others and give us answers

IN any given challenging situation Coun Box will blame the government, or if not, based on his letter of the December 21, it seems he will blame me.

But the truth of the matter is that he, as executive leader of WMDC, sets the direction of the council and he has 51 other council members who typically will vote exactly as he says, when he says.

Why on earth, as opposition members, do we also have to rubber stamp all his political decisions too?

The facts are that it’s good to see good teachers teaching, individual performances improving and key stage 2 results on achievement strengthening.

All the more, this shows the need to ensure that the best possible learning environment is available to the children of this district in their primary schools.

Based on Coun Box’s figures 42 out of 100 do not have access to that best environment which is why this district is 147th out of 150 nationally and the lowest performing in Yorkshire on this measure.

In 2006 the Leader placed education under the Family Services Directorate and the focus shifted. I will ask him again. How long have primary schools struggled, how many of our young people have been affected, what real support have schools in difficulty received and how timely was that and what is he doing to improve matters?

With a new year ahead, it’s time for him to stop deflecting or blaming others and provide us with answers.

Geoff Walsh

Leader - Conservative Group


Metropolitan District Council