Letter - Strong views on pews

As a non-denominational Christian, I am sure that I am not alone in watching with despair the antics of the clergy in their bid to raise millions of pounds to ‘renew the cathedral’.

The latest ruse is a bid to flog off the pews of Wakefield Cathedral which, we are told, have a starting bid of £150.

I have many atheist friends and who could blame them holding such a view as they witness such a complete disregard for the plight of the poor and needy, particularly in our current economic climate.

It appears that they have no regard for the words or acts of Jesus in their blatant materialism and are bent on bringing the already tattered reputation of the Church of England into disrepute.

Are they not in the slightest embarrassed by seeking to raise £5m on an enterprise to be enjoyed by a few when people are homeless and impoverished in our city? Jesus had no possessions, nor did he seek any. He never commissioned buildings to be built in his name or his followers to dress themselves in fancy robes and live in grandeur. He came to serve the poor and needy. May I suggest his clerics do the same?

James Wilmott

Shay Lane