LETTER - Take time to think

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I’M writing this letter as I think it would be nice if everyone took two minutues out of their busy stressful lives to stop and think – are you happy with your life – if not what’s wrong with it?

Ask yourself, well hang on I can sit here in a rut and get in a mood over it or I can look at what’s wrong more deeply and change it.

Change is always possible and it’s not always a negative thing. Now is time for change for yourself, your family, your community and your world. Life has made us all busy, stressed and caught up with our own lives. Let’s change the way we view the world to positive not negative.

We are all rich in one way or another it hasn’t just got to be about money although money causes so many problems and our world is run on a tight budget for most people in it, we can be rich in knowledge, rich with the good family and friends we have, rich in generosity and kindness.

There is always someone much worse off than yourself it’s really true. I’m a 47-year-old mum with a 22-year-old amazingly wonderful supportive son who I’m extremely proud of.

We’ve always lived in Wakefield, haven’t had easy lives and in April this year I was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia, and thanks to my fantastic GP Dr Omar Alisha, at Almshouse Surgery, I was quickly referred to Pinderfields Hospital and seen by Mr Moreton and his wonderful team who have been amazing.

I’ve had fantastic support from Wakefield Hospice which is such a lovely place to go – it’s about life not death and the support they generously offer people which relies on donations is truly wonderful.

I wish to thank all doctors and staff at Almshouse Surgery for their amazing support, all staff at Pinderfields Hospital for their kindness and expert care, all staff and volunteers at Wakefield Hospice for just been so wonderful and supporting.

The manager Chris Coventry and staff of Asda on Dewsbury Road, they have been wonderfully supportive, and my family, friends and Facebook friends who have kept my son and myself going through this very difficult time, without them life would be so different.

My life alters day to day but I am remaining to stay independant which is important and I can honestly say with all this going on I’m happy and glad to be alive.

So please take two minutes to think of your life and changes you can make to be happy as it’s in your hands and you never know what life has round the corner for you.

Lynda Hardwick

Manor Road