Letter - Taking the Mickey?

A UNIVERSITY for Wakefield: to what end exactly?

Sixty per cent of new applicant university students currently plagiarise their own personal statements.

Despite spending thousands on a computer system to weed out such cheating UCAS does nothing about it. Instead they not only refuse to call it cheating, but excuse such behaviour on the grounds that it’s very daunting for young people to have to do something unique; possibly for the first time in their education! When students do enter university the figure rises to 90 per cent regularly cheating.

For council leader Peter Box, the attraction of a university in Wakefield is of course that of a fast track into the council, of indoctrinated graduates with Mickey Mouse degrees to fill the increasing numbers of Mickey Mouse jobs within local government.

Students with higher aspirations such as that of being a local government chief executive will doubtless opt for such mind stretching degrees courses as Harry Potter studies.

A university in Wakefield would however solve the perennial student question of where to spend your gap year, as Wakefield Council have done such an excellent job of recreating the third world on our doorstep, no adventure travelling will be required, which will contribute to a student’s green credentials.

As the editor of this newspaper commented correctly last week, would it not be more sensible to improve the city’s primary education to acceptable levels; before committing already scarce education resources to what can currently only ever be a Mickey Mouse university?

Duncan L Long

Coxley Crescent, Netherton