Letter - Tales of tunnels

WHAT a fertile imagination Kate Taylor has with regard to prisoners escaping from the tunnel from the old police station to the town hall.

Steps went down from the cell passage in the police station and the tunnel went under Gill Street and came up into a room under the clock tower in the town hall.

In this room were two cells, which by the 1950s and 60s were not used to hold prisoners, but by the town hall for storage.

A narrow staircase then went up from here directly into the dock in the courtroom above. If the tunnel was 20 yards long that would be all and there was no way off of it other than at each end.

In my day it was rarely used for prisoners, unless one was particularly troublesome, and even that was rare after a night in the cells.

It was easier to take them to court above ground, rather than take the keys and unlock the gates and doors at each end of the passage.

Prisoners never used the tunnel unescorted so escaping was a very remote possibility.

Colin Jackson

Castle View