Letter - Teamwork on turf

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Thanks go to Pinderfields Hospital staff who attended and supported a doctors’ football match at South Leeds Stadium last December.

The match was a first time event for Consultants vs Junior Doctors.

The consultants made a blistering start in spite of the cold and slippery turf, with the half-time score 5-1. The juniors pulled back in the second half, however, they were no match for the consultants who were more organised and had better control of the game as a team.

The final score was Consultants 7, Juniors 4. The match was a success and everyone who took part enjoyed it.

A re-match was organised at Wakefield Sports Centre on January 26, highlighted by another consultants’ victory. This football league set an example for reinforcing the spirit of team work at our workplace.

Dr Mohammed Farid

Core Surgery Trainee

West Yorkshire Deanery