Letter - Thanks for support

I WISH to express my sincere thanks to those residents who supported my application for re-election as a councillor on May 3.

The last four years have been both enjoyable and demanding representing the residents of Horbury & South Ossett.

I look upon my term as a councillor as representing all those needing support and assistance when confronted with red tape and bureaucracy. I believe I achieved three main community issues:

The stopping of the introduction of a Parish Council Tax (Precept) which would have added an additional tax for all home owners.

The organisation, administration, negotiation and design of the Cooperative Bank in consultation with local business and residents.

The establishment of the Senior Citizens Group in Horbury & South Ossett in support of the over 60s. We now have over 240 members which I intend to continue to promote and expanding the group in 2012.

I also congratulate Coun Hemingway on his resounding victory and wish him well for the future in helping and fighting for the rights of all within his ward.

I also wish to congratulate Labour, Liberals and UKIP for a clean, honest and factual campaign where all the information was presented in full.

All this leaves me to say to thank you once again for your support and wish you well for the future.

Graham Jesty

Robinia Walk