Letter - Thatcher flag decision was an insult to patriotism

It is no surprise that Wakefield Council will not be flying the Union Flag at half-mast, as to do so would be to recognise patriotism: they have not displayed any in the last 30 years so I don’t think they are going to start recognising any now.

Thatcher left us divided in opinion of that there is no doubt. She also observed that this country had three enemies within, not just the one the media credits her with reforming. The full list was: Trade Unions: The Establishment: Local Government.

The last two are still ripe for reform, but no one currently has the balls or otherwise to do so properly.

How many more ‘apologists’ are we to have to endure from ‘the establishment’ such as the Deputy Chief Constable in last week’s Express?

Turn to the national press and the list of ‘establishment apologists’ grows on a daily basis.

One other observation Thatcher made was: ‘That the trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.’

That sums up Wakefield Council perfectly.

Wakefield Council not flying the Union Flag at half-mast is an insult to people who are patriotic whoever and wherever they may be in the world.

A missed opportunity for Mr Box and his cabinet, to put respect for what the union flag means above the wishes of a blinkered minority - ‘The flag that’s braved a thousand years the battle and the breeze.’

Duncan Long

Coxley Crescent