Letter - The MPs are not exempt

SO DL Long thinks when Michael Gove falsely claimed £7,000 for luxury furnishings for his house in London, and six months later flipped his mortgage on another property a few miles away in Surrey claiming £13,000 in tax relief, that the Secretary of State for Education was being ‘creative’ (Letters, Express September 9).

The ‘creative’ Gove was trying to furnish both his homes at the taxpayer’s expense; a house to live in during the week, and another house for the weekend.

Due to his fondness for Gove’s changes in education, Mr Long not only attempts to defend the indefensible but he writes enthusiastically about Gove’s ‘morality and ethics’!

It seems that DL Long believes that MPs like Michael Gove are exempt from the standards of behaviour expected from everyone else.

Regarding Mr Long looking through past copies of the Express for my letters, he can be sure of one thing – I shall not bother looking for his.

Ray Watson

Stillwell Drive