Letter - The rich get richer

It would appear that my letter rattled the cages of Mr Williamson and Coun Box. Whatever gave them the impression that I wanted winter fuel allowance or any freebies stopped?

My letter was aimed at the high price rises for fuel and food, especially when the people who are not on freebies, only get two per cent annual rises. But the rich get richer.

The rise in my pension, for which I paid taxes for 50 years, is automatically taken by the rises in: council tax, rent, fuel and food. The list is endless, and my last rise was £6 a week.

The people who are working have to pay for all these things and income tax. Are their tax increases helping to pay for the scroungers and false benefit claimers?

I am 78 years of age and still pay £800 council tax, £3,700 rent, £700 gas and electric and over £200 income tax. I was a blue collar worker and only in a union for my convenience.

I repeat, I am not against any legitimate allowances, but I am against ridiculous price rises on the necessities of life, and the rapid increase in the already multitude of millionaires at the expense of the general public.

We now read of price rises in the cost of travel, again, this effects the people who travel to work on a daily basis, and yet the free travel carries on for some. The old saying ‘they give with one hand then take it back with the other’, seems to be appropriate.

James A Bulmer

Peel Street