Letter - The same old whinge

JAMES Morris (Express May 1) is right about it being the “same old”. It’s the same old whinge we always get when the Labour Party does well in the local elections.

His patronising comments about people who vote Labour is typical of those who think they know better than the electorate.

His fondness for number crunching, elected mayors and compulsory voting have led him to overlook the simple fact that what happened in Wakefield was repeated right across the country.

And whichever way you look at the figures it was a good result for Labour in Wakefield. He also conveniently forgets to mention that most national governments in recent times have also been elected on a minority vote.

His comments that elected Labour councillors are not bothered about the concerns of people who didn’t vote for them is simply wrong but sadly typical his views. As is his statement that only a UKIP candidate made an effort to connect with the electorate.

My job as Leader of the Council is to try and provide good quality local services despite the “same old” Conservative government cuts of £67 million to our budget, which interestingly Mr Morris didn’t think worthy of comment.

Councillor Peter Box CBE


Wakefield MDC