LETTER - There’s no mandate

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I JUST can’t believe what is happening in Britain today. Everything our fathers and mothers fought for after years of wars and struggle and doing without so their children could have better is systematically being taken away.

We are fed this information that we have to pull our socks up for the country and accept all the cuts. The Tories have always hated the welfare state and are rubbing their hands at the thought of dismantling it.

They’ve definitely had no mandate from the British public to do so, these changes should not have been made by a party that only got in office by the skin of the Liberals’ teeth.

Now Nick Clegg sits on the front benches, nodding in agreement with Tory policy, while ordinary people crippled with illness and industrial disease are told they will no longer receive incapacity benefit and are thrown into the work arena expected to find employment.

Pete McGowan

Windross Close