Letter - This country has far too many scroungers

Immigration has led this country into a shocking state, yet we see the mess left by the last Labour government, when Gordon Brown was Prime Minister. Millions of our own people are stuck on the dole, unable to find work owing to 181,000 migrants let in through Labour’s open door policy and have now taken our work. It’s time now that Britain stop being a soft touch nation and start looking after our own people.

It’s the coalition Government that is putting a benefit squeeze on all immigration. We have to start now and not wait until 2014. This country has far too many working scroungers who lay about on an easy lifestyle choice on full benefits for alcoholics and drug users.

David Cameron has ordered his ministers to draw up plans to tighten rules for all migrants. We also should be like the French and the Germans, their benefits are a lot lower than ours.

Why should us British have to suffer cuts and misery, and pay more taxes for those who can’t be bothered to find work and have paid nothing into the system. All benefits should be cut and medical and housing policy should be restricted. Why should decent people of this country have to suffer cuts for scroungers who are too lazy to work?

John Wildie

Briar Grove