Letter - Time to allay residents’ fears

As a long-standing resident of Middlestown may I say how disappointed I am that the Parish Council has not made it more public knowledge that they have already progressed further towards the study and siting of two large wind turbines in Coxley Valley.

I am informed by accidental word of mouth and a small notice in the Express that further meetings are to be held to ‘allay the fears’ of local residents.

If the recent meeting of the council is any example to go by then it should be apparent to them that the conduct and attitude of a minority of the councillors has only served to accelerate and increase local fears and distrust.

I would like to remind these same councillors that we live in a democracy, that they were elected to represent the interests and views of the Parish and to listen to the wishes of the majority. There should be full and open consultation with local residents including access to the reports and studies so far carried out.

In my conversations with the community I have not so far come across any person being in favour of the turbines being sited in Coxley.

This begs the question of why some of the Parish councillors wish to fly in the face of such opposition.

It is worth remembering that this same opposition forms part of the electorate who voted them in and decides who they wish to serve them well after the next election.

There are several promising, new, younger representatives with brighter ideas and better community relations who I for one would be only too pleased to support, should they choose to represent us at parish level.

Sandra Cowper

Danesleigh Drive, Middlestown