Letter - Time to sort out ABC

The announcement that the restoration of the Grade II-listed building, the Kirkgate Railway Station is to go ahead must be music to the ears of the people of Wakefield, especially the commuters who have to use the station, and also the people who live close by.

The same old people are claiming credit for it, but let’s be honest, the building has been falling into disrepair for over 20 years. But until three years ago when a young lady was brutally attacked nobody gave a damn. Why does it always take a lifetime or a serious incident like this to happen to someone before anything’s done?

Now, what about that other carbuncle on the face of Kirkgate, the ABC cinema? When is something going to be done about this? It’s been falling apart for over 30 years and now strapped up with safety netting. Will we be hearing the dulcet tones of Mary Creagh ringing out in the halls of Westminster championing the cause, and will Coun Box be channelling his legal threats towards the owner of the building, or will it take another serious incident like debris falling through the safety netting and injuring a pedestrian before they get the wake up call?

Why has a building of this size that has been derelict and in disrepair for over 30 years and in a prominent position been allowed to get into this state?

Brian Scriven

Charles Avenue