LETTER - Tolerated as the idiots

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DAVID Cameron recently made one of the most outrageous statements I have heard a politician, of any party, makes for some considerable time.

His statement to the army chiefs that ‘he wished they would just do the fighting and leave the talking to him’ must count as one of the crassest statements made by any politician let alone a prime minister.

This cavalier attitude by an ex PR man whose closest encounter with fighting is probably pushing Nick Clegg out of the way in the rush for tea and biscuits is so offensive and stupid I am surprised that even a self-seeking chancer like him could make it.

Of all the dubious military encounters this country is presently engaged in the intervention in Libya must be the least justifiable. Our military forces are charged with defending the crown and country, not fighting to make David Cameron look big with his international mates. Let’s not forget that most of our military adventures are to get rid of people who until recently we spent millions to support.

Admittedly in bygone days this country’s armed forces fought all over the world but it was always to defend our interests or more often to take over something that would make us richer or more powerful. Unfortunately those days are gone; we are no longer a leading world power, except in our collective dreams. We are punching above our weight and relying on our reputation. The threat of sending a gun boat no longer sends shivers of fear down the spines of the locals.

Let’s confine ourselves to strongly worded statements, spend our money on creating jobs in this country, making our country more prosperous and in the process saving the lives of our own armed forces. We have to accept that we are not liked or respected by the majority of the rest of the world but merely tolerated for being useful as the idiots who are stupid enough to do what no-one else will.

Richard Saberton

King Street

Horbury Bridge