LETTER -‘Trendy’ will get stolen

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I CAN sympathise with M Issott of Durkar as, like many cyclists, I’ve had my bike targeted by one of the bike strippers.

I’ve also had them stolen by a gang that went around breaking into sheds and garages. By experience, expensive experience, I’ve learned the following: If it’s trendy, it’s also easily sold, one lock is rarely enough, only proper cycle parking is reasonably safe, busy is best.

I’m assuming his spare tube and tools were in a trendy modern ‘tailbag’? Sadly most of them were designed by idiots, and are useless for what they’re sold to be, fast access competition kit bags.

Although many modern pumps come with natty little clips a thief can get hold of it as fast as you can. Likewise with lights, too many come with detachable ‘quick release’ mounts; why? If light and mount can be split why fit q/r? Pointless! And the trendy shoulderbags need redesigning, most are basically an overpriced mailbag!

Personally I feel that every retailer should be required by law to fit ‘Sheffield’ type cycle parking outside their store 1.5 metres from the wall. It works and enables two locks to be used to secure frame and both wheels. Doubling locks also doubles the time to break them; thieves don’t like time visible in public. Silly ‘wheeltraps’ should be outlawed as a hazard to disabled people and promoting criminality. Sheffield stands can also have motorcycles locked to them. And when is someone going to devise a lock to fit mobility aids?

It’s only a matter of time before electric disability scooters are barred from entering shops and users have to transfer to either a wheelchair or the store’s ‘safety’ model; being easily saleable they need to be more secure.

Bill Houlder

Queens Avenue