Letter - Trinity reunion would be welcomed

I NOTED with great satisfaction in the Express that Terry Crook is to revive the Trinity Past Players’ Association.

It is something I have advocated for some time and can only benefit the club in the long run if it is managed successfully.

It is apposite timing as on May 11 this year it will be 50 years since Trinity last won the RL Cup. It has been a long time between drinks.

The mismanagement of the club in the intervening period has a lot to answer for. In the early 1960s Wembley was Trinity’s second home. Sadly not many members of the team that lowered Wigan’s colours that afternoon are still with us.

Round, Greenwood, Wilkinson, Kosanovic, Sampson (recently deceased) and Vines won’t be able to mark the occasion.

However it would please suppoters of a certain age if Terry and the club management could organise a dinner/celebration event to mark the occasion. Wigan visit the old ground on June 2 and it would stir the memories if Derek Turner could be persuaded to attend (younger supporters need to be educated about the great man - very rarely do the trade press give him the accolades he deserves in their memory sections Harry Edgar excepted) along with regulars Ian Brooke (what a great try that was to put the result beyond doubt) Neil Fox and Harold Poynton (Lance Todd winner).

Roger Pearman is probably still in Australia and Gert Coetzer still in South Africa so their attendance may be out of the question. Hard as iron scrum half Keith Holliday is the remaining member of the team, again a player not given the attention his ability warranted by RL journalists old enough to remember.

Wigan’s team that day included Ashton, Davies (the scourge of Alan Skene but ironically signed for Trinity a season or two later), Barton, McTigue, Collier, Lyon and Evans are no longer with us. However the great Billy Bosto is and as he attends most of Wigan’s games he could be asked to attend and be introduced to the crowd. Dave Bolton of course is still in Australia.

The future is what counts of course and after a long period of hibernation it looks as though Trinity are going forward and future honours may not be a pipe dream.

Some of us given the march of time won’t be around in another 50 years so the success needs to be sooner rather than later.

Celebrating this historic event may encourage the present team to emulate their illustrious predecessors.

Gerry Wright

Whitehall Road East