Letter - Trust will be voice

SINCE its formation in 2001 WiSCA (Wildcats Independent Supporters Club Association) has fund raised a considerable amount of money.

In its formative years fund raising was done to help the club on a day to day basis but in the latter years money was raised for youth development, gym equipment, heart monitors and other equipment to enhance the performance of the team.

Last season WiSCA also used funds that had been raised to sponsor Kyle Amor. Kyle has been sponsored again for this season and also Vince Mellors has been added to the sponsorship. The sponsorship has enabled us to put money into the club.

From the beginning of the 2011 season fund-raising activities from WiSCA has been required less and so it has been decided that WiSCA will now stand aside and leave this to the newly formed Supporters Trust who will be the voice of the supporter from now on.

The committee would like to thank all members both past and present for their continued support and to wish Wakefield Wildcats a very successful 2012 season.

Margaret Jubb

Chairwoman, WiSCA