Letter - TV offer I can’t refuse

I’M currently renovating an old house which I hope to move into in the near future.

At the moment it’s still half way into the development stage, it hasn’t got a front door let alone a letter box, but still due to the diligence and persistence of the postman I keep finding letters addressed to the occupier in any slot or orifice that’s available.

This week in particular I found in a gap in a pack of breeze blocks several letters from the TV licensing authority, which I then organised in order of dates sent and read one by one.

The first was requesting the identity of the new occupier and demanded payment for a current TV licence, the second repeated much what the first had said but with a lingering threat, the third was very demanding and issued a further warning and possible fine, and the fourth said that it’s illegal for the new occupier to even use a games console on TV, or watch videos or pre-recorded items, even use a computer that’s linked to the Internet through the phone lines, a whole list of things that you mustn’t do.

It went on and warned the occupier of a pending investigation and a fine of £1,000. I couldn’t believe how threatening it was, I couldn’t believe how the threats escalated just to get a response and how frenzied they where, to the point I was half expecting to wake up the next day with a severed horse head in my bed as in The Godfather.

I feel it’s about time we got rid of the TV licence and made the BBC work for a living and not expect us to pay for their over-paid presenters of dull programmes, and their over-the-top lavish lifestyles.

Pete McGowan

Windross Close