Letter - Twins special bond

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I AM writing in response to the article regarding the separation of twins, due to school admission rules. I hope my response may help by prompting the school authorities to have a bit more understanding for the plight of these two boys and their mother.

I am one half of 58-year-old identical twin brothers. We are, of course, individuals but have always considered ourselves of one mind.

Throughout our educational years we were in the same class and sat together during our infant and junior years. We both had our own friends but our best friends were each other.

We both had failings in certain subjects, but excelled in others. During these early informative years where one of us failing the other would help.

We were always trying to achieve the same results, or be a little bit better than the other and we worked so much harder to achieve this. A lot of this learning from each other went unseen by our teachers, but was noticed by other pupils who came to respect, and understand, our close bond with each other.

Having twins in a class can be a bit of a curiosity to the other pupils but is also educational to them. Twins can teach them how to compete but remain friends, how to form close bonds, how to help each other and share possesions.

It is right to say twins should not have special treatment, nevertheless twins are special, they share a special bond that only other twins can know.

My twin brother and I have kept our special bond throughout our lives, we have our own families and friends but we have the same mannerism, hobbies and hopes and fears for the future.

We have worked together most of our lives and have taught each other many skills, and because we have gone through life together with the same moral and work ethics we have collectively 90 years of the same work experiences in one trade.

The special bond between these two young boys will be there for all to see but there will be something else very special only known to themselves it will be nurtured throughout their lives. Please don’t damage it now.

Pete Rayner

Carlton Close