Letter - Wakefield residents - you should be proud of your city

IT was only by chance and just over two years ago that I first discovered Wakefield.

Now I have become a regular visitor, and I can’t get enough of the place. Last weekend, August 24, I was there visiting some friends I have made and I always like to buy all the local newspapers to read on the train when I usually head back down to Cambridgeshire the next day.

One letter especially caught my attention in the Express Letters pages, from a Clint Ward of Outwood.

This person states that he or she is ashamed to tell anyone that they come from Wakefield and that there is at least half a dozen empty shops on every street?

Well I would like to know where all these empty shops are on every street in Wakefield?

I think Wakefield has “got it right” and more cities and towns in the UK should take a leaf out of Wakefield’s book!

First-class shopping with the new Trinity Walk, Ridings Shopping Centre, Cathedral Retail Park and the beautifully clean airy precinct with various “one off” privately owned shops and the regular farmers markets etc.

Not to mention a glorious array of bistros, restaurants and various other eateries catering for almost every possible taste from around the world.

The same applies to the huge variety of pubs and entertainment venues in Wakefield, a vast choice and caters for everyone.

The small independent family owned and run shops are a firm favourite, especially to stock up on my meats for the freezer to last until my next visit Wakefield.

It is very hard to find the same quality of meats here in Cambridgeshire, they just don’t taste the same as they do in Yorkshire!

So, in a nutshell. I don’t walk about Wakefield with my eyes closed, I am very observant, and I have yet to find every street I walk down with at least six shops empty.

Graeme Greenwood