Letter - Wakefield’s citizens should get the choice

Once again we see council tax-payers money been swallowed up by stalling tactics about the proposed Ings Road development.

This attempt by Sovereign Land has to be the most pathetic example of NIMBYism seen in the Wakefield area.

Perhaps they are right and the development will remove the focus from Trinty Walk, however if Wakefield gets its act together and embraces the development it may suddenly find it can rejuvenate itself and benefit from this development.

People need only take a trip to Crossgates and Seacroft in Leeds to see the positives of a large scale development by this company. I often shop in that area by preference, along with Glasshoughton and Pontefract, as in the Stanley area we seem devoid of retail development and have to cross the city to access any choice of supermarket. (Perhaps Newton Hill could be considered an alternative site for Tesco)

The objection could seem to be an admission by the owners of Trinty Walk their business and Wakefield city centre is on a knife edge and about to fail.

In some ways this matter is limiting Wakefield citizens a choice in their shopping habits and needs to brought to conclusion.

Tony Bell

Beaumont Street